Nimrod L. Delante

When you see
a poisonous insect
or a vicious animal,
Stone it
So it runs and leaves.

The thick forest may hinder you
In your journey,
Don’t go back
Keep walking.

If you go astray,
Just follow the stones
Where your bare feet
Gnarl and ache.

As the eagle soars above the sky,
And the hummingbird
Seeks haven in your
Dilapidated hut,
And as the bamboo
At the back of your solitary bed
Continues reaching for the clouds,
Stop thinking of her.

Stop dreaming of her.

Mold your heart
Into a stone.

Hide it in silent grief.

Because even her shadow
Lurks in the impossibility
of coming back.

A Translation of Nimrod’s “Bato” published in SunStar Daily Cebu, January 2011
Translation by Nimrod L. Delante, February 2011, Singapore


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