Grandma’s silent entreaty*

(A memoir)
By: Nimrod L. Delante

On our doorstep she stands
year after year
watching my sister leave.

When the bus blows its horn
she would wait unmoving
to see my sister
bid her goodbye.

With the bus lost in sight,
she would silently say: May you not
scratch your arms. May you not
catch a cold nor fever.
May your heart not break and
may you remain faithful in your vision
to reach for your dream and
make a life worth living.

May God give me more strength
to face the tides of time.
And may time extend my stay
to see you coming back home
bringing the fruits of your labor.

But if time would seem unwilling,
may you grow strong and fervent
to continue the battle
which I long started.

Our battle to break
the chain
of all our toils
and wretches.

*Based on a true-to-life story and inspired by U. Laird’s collection of poems, 1987
*For those who believe that success is possible for those who struggle, for those who fight the battle called life


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    How did u limit the amound of content displayed on your homepage

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