A Call from GINA DEQUIñA

Gina Dequina posted in BNHS Alumni Association Official Facebook Account for BNHS 2012 Homecoming .

“Hi Nimrod, I would suggest you open a bank account in the Phils. so that whoever wants to contribute/donate money for Alumni project/s can easily send /deposit the money.

The money won’t be withdrawn until a committee is formed. With the use of technology nowadays, you can update the members as to the running total of the money sent/deposited. Time is gold. We need to act now for us to have lasting legacy for Bool. So many years have been wasted. Roy Dequina”

“The donation/money/fund that I am suggesting about is not only to fund the Alumni activity/ies but for the Alumni to have a tangible project that will be remembered by all. Such as: additional classroom for the school, maybe concreting the pathway maybe additional computers. I don’t really know what is the need of the school now as I have not visited Bool since 2008. Another project that I have in mind is the improvement of basketball court. As we all aware, the court is the center of activities in Bool. I believe we need to do something about it for it to be good looking. Maybe we need to improve the stage and repaint it. Or maybe we need to have it covered so that every time there is an activity we don’t need to ran away to cover ourselves or worst stop the activity. Nothing is impossible specially if we are all united. This is just a suggestion. Thanks – Roy D.”


7 Responses to A Call from GINA DEQUIñA

  1. I’m really Glad i came across this web site.Added mybool.wordpress.com to my bookmark!
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  2. Leo Cabrera says:

    I am looking for a way of getting in touch with Roy and Gina Dequina. I am their wedding godfather. Leo Cabrera

  3. Hi Mr. Cabrera,

    You can keep in touch with them thru facebook.

    Thanks for visiting the site., i hope i can hear more from you in the future.,

    • Roy Dequina says:

      Thanks for telling my ninong that we can be contacted thru facebook. We are now in constant communications. In fact, him and his wife will come to Sydney at the end of this month. Thanks to Thitho most especially. God bless. Roy D.

  4. Roy Dequina says:

    wow this is a brilliant idea!!!!!(my Bool’s blog) Whoever initiates this – I salute you…. May your tribe increase. God bless – Roy Dequina

  5. Hi, I hope you continue blogging about the beauties of Bool. I am a Navaleño Blogger and I am glad that there are bloggers from other places of Biliran. 🙂

  6. Vicvic Sierra says:

    Roy your name is familiar with is Nancy D. is your sister see hey to her. Nancy is my classmates. thanks vicvic sierra mcallister.

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