Ms. Goddess 2011 Sponsors

We would like to Give thanks to our Event Sponsors.

Sana Next Year damo na ang magsupport og waray na ang Promise Promise nga dili mutupad. Since kini xa nga event para man sad sa atong kaayuhan.

Ramon Gonzal
Resar Gonzal Tambis
Hon. Resurrection Tambis
Liza Gonzal Gino
Jacinta Gonzal Agsunod
Rogelia Gonzal Rudderforth
Elsa Gonzal Ayton
John Ayton
Hon. Edwin Punay
Gerald Bradley
Hon. SB. Carlito Bechaida
Reymund Icain
Hon. Sulana Macabacyao
Hon. Alicia Paghubasan
Josefina Rostata
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Peregrino`
Mr. & Mrs. Epifanio Punay Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Teofilo Quial
Mr. Jeruel Ambe
Mr. & Mrs. Presalyn Macabacyao
Hon. Anita Peregrino
Mr. & Mrs. Epifanio Punay Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eñigo Bacarro
Mary Ann Picao
Hon. Mavil Lacra
Lucy Peregrino
Mr. & Mrs. Noli Plecerda
Mrs. Jonabel Canama-Deloy
Mrs. Mediena Relox
Hon. Manuel Gonzal
Mr. & Mrs. Rufino Gonzal
Pearl Ave Solayao
Marianne Solayao
Mr. & Mrs. Hirah Ann Solayao-Biyok
Jorma Solayao
Lizel Ortega Taluer
Analyn Gonzal
Ranzel Co
Mr. & Mrs. Elmor Co
Louiesita Gonzal Paderugao
Lilibeth Toepfer
Jaapar Lim
Hon. Eduardo Peregrino
Maileen Fumar
Paulino Gonzal
Hon. Lily Fiel
Mr. & Mrs. Joven Mandalihan
Mr. & Mrs. Jayson Supremo
Hon. Allenmae Cerida
Hon. Jessie Paraguya
Marivic Trapal Fisher
Jennifer Bareja
Nivinadeth Bernabe
Dina Cuevas
Mr. & Mrs. Romy Vega
Mr. & Mrs. Agnes Garabiles
Mr. & Mrs. Noel Manguing
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bansil
Hon. Nelma Trapal
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Cerida
Hon. Alicia Paghubasan
Hon. & Mrs. Eduardo Punay
Shiela Marie Aguirre Emberso
Glenda Tabucanon
Mr. & Mrs. Nonoy Garabiles
Eva Olimpo
Mr. Ranulfo Rostata
Glory Ann Merwa
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Alido
Mr. & Mrs. Dario Veronio
Rowena Veronio
Dorisa Veronio
Connie Alido
Thitho Alido


4 Responses to Ms. Goddess 2011 Sponsors

  1. This content is so useful it is going straight to my facebook fanpage on the subject with a link back to your site. It’s a win-win situation for both. You get traffic and links and I get good content for my visitors.

  2. This does make sense actually, I was just talking with my friend the other day about this exact same thing. You’ve given me some more ideas now. Can’t wait to tell her about it tomorrow. Thanks!

  3. I’m Glad i found this web site.Added it to my bookmark!

  4. Ben Carl says:

    Are you making this up as you go along?

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