SORE EYES for Sale…

More than 60% of Bool, Culaba, Biliran population got Sore Eyes just this Semestral break (October 2010). Anywhere you go, almost all of Boolanon’s wears sunglasses and with IMORTAL red eyes.

The last time I got Sore Eyes was way back 1995 and I was infected When I took my vacation Last Month (Oct 28 is my infection day). Pero sorry nalang ang Sore EYes, It lasted for One DAy Only.. Action Agad ako, I put EyeDrops (EYEMO) every 2 hrs, took my Antibiotic drugs, took a bath thrice that day, and wash my face every hour. I also wear sunglasses for protection.

After a day, the itchy feelings and those “MUTA” were all gone… Reddish Eyes remains until the third day. Pero atlist ndi na makati…

Kahit nagkasore eyes man ako, I still enjoy my Vacation in Bool.


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