Congratulations to our NEW ELECTED BRGY and SK Officials (Bool East, Bool Central, and Bool West).

Here’s the Result for this years Barangay and SK Election (October 25, 2010)

Bool East
Brgy. Captain

Eduardo “Buboy” Punay Sr.

Brgy. Kagawad
1. Resurrection “Soring” Tambis
2. Paulino “Berto” Gonzal
3. Jeto Managaytay
4. Sulana “Laning” Macabacyao
5. Basilides “Lalay” Bello
6. Analyn Adrias
7. Vilia “Mavil” Lacra

SK Chairman
Ricardo Gil “Rogil” Punay

Bool Central
Brgy. Captain

Lolita “Lily” Fiel

Brgy. Kagawad
1. Jessie “Esek” Paraguya
2. Nelma “Letty Bungkag” Trapal
3. Leandro “Dodong” Vega
4. Allenmae “Baby” Cerida
5. Edgardo “Dedik” Peregrino
6. Anita “Any” Peregrino
7. Armand Sierra.

SK Chairman
Roldan Ambe

Bool West
Brgy. Captain

Nelsa “Nelly” Pazon

Brgy. Kagawad
1. Edwin Punay
2. Elmer Lubo
3. Artemio “Artem” Bechaida
4. Jose “Bobot” Florida Jr.
5. Nestor “Bambam” Paculan
6. Fortunato “Boy” Temblor
7. Judito “Judy” Sierra

SK Chairman

Marjorie Bechaida


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