Eating Well

Dr. Yasuy Moralla (who’s also a nutritionist, dietician, microbiologist and
who’s also into homeopathy). I learnt so many things from the nutraceuticals,
which is a basic medical course summarized in two days. Dr.Yasuy is a doc who’s against synthetic medicines, surgery and hospitalization because she believes that every sort of ailment can best be healed naturally.

Doc Yasuy’s a UP grad who is sometimes called a radical because she deviates from all sorts of synthetic medicine and surgery. She talked about natural healing, healing manifestations, proper nutrition and sanitation, sexuality, diseases, allergies, SARS, PMS, high blood — nearly all kinds of medical conditions.

What I liked about doc is that she’s very un-jargonish (unlike other doctors) and uses laymen’s terms to make ordinary folks understand. The nutra actually changed my traditional perspectives on health and nutrition, which is why I’d like to share them with you.

* If a child starts getting fed with too much fried chicken and fast foods at age 1, chances are, she’ll have irregular menstruation by age 12. At 18-20 years, there’s a big probability that she’ll have breast lumps.

* Fat is the perfect food or breeding ground for cyst formations. Pork increases the risk of getting breast cancer. Why? Because fat raises estrogen levels, which in turn increases the risk of a cyst formation, which in turn can cause breast cancer.

* Don’t buy canned foods with even the slightest dents and rust. There’s something called Cl. Botulism poisoning (which is fatal). It’s a kind of food poisoning in vacuum-packed foods. Some bacteria are anaerobic (i.e. they can live without oxygen). Spores can enter the tiny dents in the cans.

* Kids who eat too much breads, biscuits and starchy foods are more prone to diabetes and lung diseases later in life, while those who favor junk foods are susceptible to allergies.

* 85% of diseases are self-limiting, meaning, they all have a limit and will go naturally. There’s really no need for synthetic drugs — the immune system should always do its job. Too much synthetic drugs can make the immune system sluggish.

* Fever is good because it is the body’s most natural form of defense. A rise in the body temperature can kill the toxemia or the virus. There’s no need to lower the fever with synthetic drugs — sufficient rest and natural foods and supplements will do.

* Diseases are the result of a long-term developing process that begins early in life and finally leads to saturation of toxins in the body.

* Fiber consumes fat.

* Antiperspirants can lead to breast cancer. That’s because the aluminum salts and other chemicals clog the pores in the armpits, thus suppressing sweat. We like to be nice and dry in the armpits, but sweat actually contains traces of waste material. If we stop them from exiting our pores, they only clog up in the armpits. And these toxins eventually accumulate in the breast area (where there’s plenty of fat) and they gradually form into
cysts. Although the majority of those susceptible to breast cancer are women, 10% of men may also be prone to it.

* Skyflakes and soda crackers are good pampalipas-gutom because they’re high in energy. But a whole can of crackers can be bad because it is also very high in sodium.

* 85% of processed Oriental foods (particularly Taiwanese) are cancerous. A diet that is ‘too Western’ can lead to ulcers.

* The essence of cancer: manufacturers make bad food taste good.

* Dr. Yasuy also said that people who always feel sleepy after eating (like me, when I eat too much) are those with inefficient digestive systems. That’s because it takes too much energy to digest the food. To conserve energy, the body’s energy is therefore concentrated on the digestion.

Either this is the case, or:

* Foods such as pork, beef, chicken, ginisa and oily foods naturally make one sleepy, because it takes too much energy to digest them. Steamed veggies and salads do not require too much energy.

* The most efficient pampagising foods are fruits, and not coffee. Caffeine only gives a momentary kick of energy, but makes us feel lethargic after a couple of hours. But fructose (from fruits), on the other hand, gives more energy and endurance.

* Fast foods use week-old oils. Recycled oil is carcinogenic.

* Any oil, when heated up, becomes ‘bad cholesterol’. That’s why it’s not such a good idea to deep-fry foods in olive oil — it’s just a waste. Better fry with corn or canola oil because of the lower boiling point compared to olive oil. But olive oil is very good when taken in its raw
form. When eating fried fish, it is best to soak it first in balsamic vinegar with olive oil so that the polyunsaturated fats will get converted into monounsaturated fats.

* It’s OK to eat French Fries. But the fries should not be thawed when taken from the freezer.

They should be cooked only for a maximum of 2 minutes. The fries should be crunchy on the outside but mealy on the inside.

* On SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome): The countries hardest-hit by SARS are not only those with cool climates, but are also those with the highest consumption of antibiotics.

Synthetic drugs, especially antibiotics, eventually weaken one’s resistance to diseases.

* On SARS: The longer people wear masks, the more susceptible they are to SARS because they are just accumulating the microbes on their masks. To be safe, they have to change their masks a minimum of 3 times a day. But the best form of protection against SARS is simply a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system.

* We need Vitamin C because it is the best immune system booster. But it should be natural Vitamin C. Synthetic Vitamin C usually takes the form of 250-500 mg tablets. But our bodies can absorb only 60 mg of Vitamin C at a time. Meaning to say, we should take them in small dosages. So what happens to the synthetic Vitamin C? Only 60 mg is absorbed by the body. The rest gets stored in the kidneys as stones.

* But we also need Vitamin C because humans, as well as fish, are the only creatures that cannot make and store their own Vitamin C. That is why we need natural food supplements.

* Some people are confused by reminders of the health department on TV that 1000 mg of ascorbic acid everyday is a protection against SARS. The news also showed that airport employees took 4000 mg of ascorbic acid everyday as a form of protection against the potentially infected incoming passengers.

* Here is another esoteric fact based on scientific studies: too much Vitamin C can damage the DNA (this has also been written about in the Reader’s Digest). DNA is short for DeoxyriboNucleic Acid. DNA molecules carry the genetic information necessary for the organization and functioning

of most living cells and control the inheritance of characteristics. The chemical structure of everyone’s DNA is the same. The only difference between people (or any animal) is the order of the base pairs. There are so many millions of base pairs in each person’s DNA that every person has a unique sequence.

* Dr. Yasuy said that is the reason why she doesn’t believe that many doctors and health authorities are doing their jobs properly.

* Sign of being healthy: poo-poo and discharges (such as menstruation) should not have any bad (‘malansa’) smell.

* Most synthetic drugs are not chilated, i.e. they do not get absorbed by the body 100%. A large percentage still accumulates in the kidneys, which is why it’s not good to be dependent on medicine.

In this case, one sickness leads to another. Carl Linnaeus said, “To live by medicine is to live horribly.”

Hippocrates said, “Thy food shall be thy medicine.” That is why we simply have to eat well to get well.

* Vetsin (MSG or monosodium glutamate) is bad for the health. Though the source of MSG is sugar cane (which is very natural), chemicals have been added while being processed. It contains sulfur and some benzoate (sorry I didn’t get the chance to write them down, Dr. Yasuy was talking fast) that become insoluble in the body. In short, they become toxins. That is why MSG also causes bloating.

* Commercial chicken is stuffed with steroids and antibiotics to make them fat and resistant to diseases.

Unfortunately, they don’t exactly do the same thing to those eating them.

* Since fried chicken from fast food joints are breaded, they are fattening. That’s because starch, when cooked with fat, cannot be utilized by the body. They just get stored in the body.

* Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a sign of hormonal fluctuations. Girls who suffer from PMS have a large probability of becoming infertile later in life.

* If meat is rare or medium-rare, the fats will enter the body as grasa or in the liquid form. Small amounts of it can even beused as lubrication for the blood. But if meat is well-done or overcooked, the fats just remain as plaques, which become the arteries’ worst enemies.

* Some meat-processing plants put estrogen patches on cows to make them nice and fat (because we love soft, fat beef). Estrogen makes meat more tender because it puts the meat and the fat into short, alternate layers (so that the meat feels tender and juicy when we bite into it).

* The human digestive system can only digest and absorb food that is broken down into its simplest form. But the higher the temperature and pressure the food is subjected to, the more its chemical structure is altered — therefore, the less digestible it becomes. We love to put meat in pressure cookers and to cook it for 45 minutes or longer, particularly in nilagang baka.

* But prolonged cooking of meat makes it less digestible, no matter how soft it may become. The result?

It becomes putrified, dead matter in the intestines. They’re just as good as toxins. And since they don’t get digested, they just get ‘stuck’ in the intestines. That’s why we get constipated after eating too much meat.

* Ever wonder what the putrified dead matter looks like? That’s the smelly, black-spotted (almost mud-like) poo-poo that we get after drinking herbal slimming teas. Just imagine how many years we’ve been cooking meat this way, and even more, what our 26-32 feet of intestines may look like today!

* Dr. Yasuy is not really suggesting that we all turn vegetarian (although it is undoubtedly the best form of diet).

* The best way to cook beef is rare to medium-rare. It’s still in its simple form that way, and therefore can become digested efficiently. Well done steaks only turn into toxic, putrified dead matter in the intestines. But actually, the simplest (and best) form of food is in its raw form. But since bacteria love to live on meat, we have to raise its temperature (but just enough to kill the bacteria).

* So what happens to the putrified matter in our intestines? Fatty acids in the stomach raises bile acids and enzymes that are necessary to digest meat. But too much of these acids can cause ‘holes’ (I’m using layman’s terms) to form in the intestines and lining of the stomach. Since there’s nothing but toxin in our digestive system,

our villi (the short, finger-like projections that absorb nutrients from food) will also absorb the toxins — till they reach the bloodstream. And since there’s nothing but toxin, the blood will also absorb it. Once these toxins reach the bloodstream = allergies, skin rashes, asthma, arthritis, sinusitis, hypertension and many more.

* Yup, this goes to show that many of our ailments are problems related to digestion. By the way, if there’s too much of putrified, dead matter in the intestines, we won’t be able to absorb efficiently all the nutrients fromthe food we eat. That’s why we have to cleanse and detoxify our system from time to time. And those with good metabolism (i.e. people who can eat a lot without getting fat) are also those with efficient digestive systems. That’s because they can quickly absorb the nutrients and release the energy.

* So not eating is not the way to weight loss, according to Dr. Yasuy. All we have to do is to make our digestive system perfect. So even if we eat five times a day or more (as long as they are the right kinds of food), we won’t gain a single pound.

* Not all overcooked foods become putrified dead matter. Meat becomes putrified, in particular. Overcooked veggies may lose their vitamins and minerals, but they still provide us with plenty of fiber, which is very good for us.

* Improper eating, living and thinking habits are the primary cause of degeneration. The same type of toxin, when localized in a joint will result into arthritis (uric acid). When localized in liver, I leads to hepatitis or cirrhosis. In the kidneys, it results in nephritis. In the pancreas, it is diabetes. In the brain, it is: insanity.

Note that drugs, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol deplete B-complex, which is essential for the brain.Drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine raise monoamine oxidase, which is the primary cause of depression.

* Bee propolis is the most powerful natural antibiotic. Bee propolis is like their poo-poo. Actually, beehives are much cleaner than most hospitals. That’s because of propolis, which is also a natural disinfectant.

When rodents enter the beehive, they get stung to death. Since bees are small, they cannot push the rodent out so they just cover it with propolis. The rodent doesn’t decompose, nor does it smell bad. Propolis inhibits bacterial and viral growth.

* Want to check the purity of honey? If there are ants around the honey, it’s fake. That’s because no organisms can live in pure honey. And also dip a match in honey, and then strike it. If it bursts into flame, the honey is pure. If it doesn’t strike, that means that it contains water.

* The human body can either be a marvel or a tragedy — depending on how one takes care of it. Medical doctors should be there to eliminate the need for other doctors.


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