Cabinet Members of the Philippines under President Noynoy Aquino

President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III named the members of his Cabinet. Here are the new official cabinet members of the Philippines (2010):

Executive Secretary – Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr.
Department of Foreign Affairs – Alberto Romulo

Department of Agriculture – Proceso Alcala
Department of Budget and Management – Florencio “Butch” Abad
Department of Education – Rev. Armin Luistro
Department of Energy – Jose Rene D. Almendras
Department of Environment and Natural Resources – Ramon Paje
Department of Finance – Cesar Purisima
Department of Health – Dr. Enrique Ona
Department of Interior and Local Government – pending (Pres. Noynoy at the moment)
Department of Justice – Leila de Lima
Department of Labor and Employment – Rosalinda Baldoz
Department of Agrarian Reform – Virgilio de los Reyes
Department of National Defense – Voltaire Gazmin
National Economic and Development Authority Director General – Cayetano Paderanga Jr.
Department of Public Works and Highways – Rogelio Singson
Department of Science and Technology – Mario Montejo
Department of Social Welfare and Development – Corazon Soliman
Department of Tourism – Alberto Lim
Department of Trade and Industry – Gregory Domingo
Department of Transportation and Communication – Jose “Ping” de Jesus
Commissioner of the Bureau of Internal Revenue – Kim Jacinto-Henares
Chairman of Commission on Higher Education – Patricia Liguanan
Presidential Legal Counsel – Eduardo de Mesa
Presidential Spokesman – Edwin Lacierda
Presidential Management Staff Chief – Julia Abad
Presidential Adviser on Peace Process – Teresita Deles


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  1. thank you for posting this it`s a big help to our students thnxx ^_^

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    this is great, these can help me do my assignments

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  4. embanoid says:

    putang ina nyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. lhady whune says:

    noynoy p unladin nyo po anq philipinas upang wlang mag nanakaw
    o mahirap s mundo

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  7. i can right my assignments now because of these!

  8. crazelin92 says:

    nice one! but this should be updated 🙂

  9. ann says:

    ………hope they can do their job well…

  10. shugo_chara_amu_hinamori says:

    assignment nmin 2 sa hekasi! buti may gni2! (this was our homework in hekasi! (history) life saver!

  11. juan tamad says:

    mga lukes!

  12. juan tamad says:

    mga wlng suso!!!!!! maliliit! yuck! wlng mkkpa! puke

  13. ay says:

    how about the secretary of National Commission on Muslim Filipinos???
    is she not member of the cabinet?

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    it was one of my assignment on history subject…and i think it include on our exam

  17. deleon123 says:

    it is our assignent and it was very helpful ….:)

  18. makmak says:

    yehey….. makaka2lung ito sa ass. ng kapatid ko….tnx

  19. john marc guillermo says:

    ang babastos nyo .,,,,/ pero makaka tulong satin to kaya mag bago na kayo

  20. iamraphyasa says:

    thanks so much!!!now i can make na my proj. for the finals. :))

  21. girlie says:

    ang prime minister po ba kasama sa cabinet? hhmp sino po pala nganyon ang prime minister ng ating bansa?

  22. shiena says:

    ,,hmfp! it’ really help me 4 my homework!!!!!!!!! thankzz A lot!!!!!!!

  23. Mitchekoy says:

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    thanks,,i have an assignment..but so hard parin ng politics..

  28. Azizuki_Yamashita says:

    Pwede ba? Wag nang magmurahan?! Ba’t niyo pa ba sinearch tong Cabinet Members? Para lang makipaghuntahan at makipag murahan?


  29. Trololol says:

    Ang hirap sauluhin nito sobrang dami. Hehe! Ito ang quiz namin bukas. Lol. XD

  30. gina says:

    oo nga noh?

  31. zoren says:

    yeh.! i think this is it the cabinet member of pnoy aquino
    tnx google. . . assignment me sa history! hahaha

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