An Answer to Life’s Questions

By: Mary Grace Bernabe – Dejecacion

Who foreseen life? Do you know what will be your life tomorrow? We maybe happy yesterday! Sad today…full of anger later. It’s unpredictable! There were moments which seem to be an unending happiness.
You want to stop the clock and keep the feeling forever. You may have all the things in the world. Capable to travel to different places, enjoying to the fullest, experiencing the luxury and comfort of life. Then suddenly you sit in a corner, flooding with tears. Tears of happiness? or tears of loneliness? you may now ask, why I’m feeling this way? And you start to realize, oh its sadness that came…squeezed your heart that no blood can flow, making it thirsty for life.

Depriving it to beat. Making life uneasy, a burden and full of emptiness. You have no one, where you can draw happiness. Your source of happiness made you sad, how will you be getting the feeling of being happy again…Lots of questions in mind. Hard to find the answers. They said, answers of life’s questions are everywhere, but difficult to figure out. We tend to be denial, pretending to be fine. But only God knows our worries, why dont surrender it to HIM. Let HE be your shield, your tower of strength. Your river of hope and your fountain of a joyful life. He’s waiting for you now…but you keep HIM waiting. Always waiting.. Direct your steps to Him and you will pass the road that only HIM knows.

We keep on following long and winding roads, wasting our time but no destination reached…If you follow JESUS, at an instant, before realizing it, you’re already in the path you are dreaming. Without any hurdles you can go to where you want to go…Just believe and have faith in Jesus Christ our Savior no matter how bad and hopeless life is.

Lord remind me how brief my time on earth will be, remind me that my days are numbered and that my life is fleeing away. Psalm 39:4


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