[May 10, 2010 Election]: COMELEC Official List of Candidates for Biliran and Culaba – LAKAS CMD-KAMPI

Republic of the Philippines COMISSION ON ELECTIONS, Certified List of candidates for Congressional, Provincial and Local positions for the May 10, 2010 National and Local Elections under LAKAS CMD-KAMPI

For member, House of Representatives
CHONG, Glenn Ang “Glenn”

For Provincial Governor
CHONG, Charlie “Padoga”

For Provincial Vice-Governor
MONTEJO, Manuel Jr. Bornillo “Jun Montoy”


GENSON, Jose Tahanlangit “Joe”
JADULCO, Bebiano Santiañes “Boboy”
LAGAT, Martin Licayan “Tsip Lagat”
PACIOLES, Teofanes “Gragata Fanny”

BANQUILAY, Oscar, Jr, Villarin “Jun”
GARCIA, Victor Pascual “Vicvic”
NAPOLES, Clarita Ponce “Claire”

YU, Rogelio Horfilla “Roger”

Vice Mayor
DAYORA, Jose, Jr. Cantenza “Jojo”

For Councilor:
ABUD, Guillermo Jr. Bernales “Intoy”
BECHAIDA, Carlito Labana “Carlito”
COLOBONG, Gemma Rosario “Gem”
FUMAR, Mailaine Managbanag “Mai-mai”
NILLOS, John Gino Borromeo “Gino”
OLIMBA, Humphrey Borromeo “Prix”
SERRANO, Jeffrey Catenza “Jeff”
YU, Tommy Horfilla “Tom”


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