BNHS Grand Alumni Association Officers:

President : Antonino Lucahin

Vice President : Jay Geronimo

Secretary :
Berbina Cerida (Internal)
Ednelyn Datu (External)

Treasurer : Marvelyn Alido

Auditor :
Joel Pazon
Arsenio Macabacyao

P.I.O :
Thitho Alido
Kenneth Quial

Sgt. at Arms :
Edwin Amoroto
Jason Supremo
Leonilo Escal

Board of Directors :
Carlita Lucahin
Esterlita Merwa
Jocelyn Picao
Janita Cruz
Faith Cleofe Calagos
Rozen Sanchez
Marilyn Bueno


5 Responses to BNHS Grand Alumni Association Officers:

  1. Mary Grace Bernabe says:


  2. fritz says:

    i hope makaratng lahat. edgardo fritz estipona batch 85

  3. fritz says:

    i hope makarating lahat. edgar fritz estipona batch 85

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