Some thoughts in Mind???

To All Boolanon’s,

We are accepting any issues or topics in your mind, just inform us and will give you space here.

mybool =)


5 Responses to Some thoughts in Mind???

  1. .. hello!!!!! boolonans.. i’m so glad that we have our own site,.
    this would be a great pride to all boolanons..
    eeveryone, i invite you to be part of this site,,. this could be our way to be unite towards our dreams to all boolanons,..
    we love you and i am proud to be boolanons..

  2. thitho says:

    NOSEBLEED man ko sa imo yot!! Inglesera man ang atong inahan.. hahaha..

    Anyways, “” is a good tool that unites and keeps all Boolanon’s updated on all current EVENTS such as politics, religion, sports and etc… (awww nosebleed pod ko ato)…

  3. Mary Grace Bernabe says:

    whew!im so happy with the dedication you are showing to our beloved native land…this is just the start, and i promise to be a part of your mission to promote bool and inform the whole world that there is a paradise in visayas that is to be discovered. And all Boolanons should be proud of it!Go bool! May God Bless you always!My love and pride for bool will always remain in my heart!

  4. Glenn Dejecacion says:

    I’m not really from bool…but my wife do…in my first visit to bool, that’s around September last year, I can perceived lots of oppurtunities…Bool has its long way to civilization already…and i believe it can still go through miles of success if provided with the right and dedicated government offficials who will prioritize the welfare of the citizen in that place not thier own dreams in life. I really enjoyed with the different sceneries that you can experience in Bool all of it are breathtaking and if develop, will be a world class tourist spot on earth…How blessed bool is…so as the people..looking forward in going back there soon…SEE you there!God Bless!

  5. thitho says:

    I agree with you GLEnn, BOOL is such a wonderful place that needs to be developed… Bool is an untouched paradise… (nosebleed.. jejeje)..

    I hope that through this simple gift (creating will help promote BOOL as a wonderful place to live….

    I am calling for all BOOLanons to help keep BOOL a paradise,,, A gud place to LIVE and ENJOY life…

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